Comet Observatory Tales
So issue 1 is over and done... by RedBlueEnigma
April 27th, 2018, 7:06 pm
Hey fellas! If you've stumbled across this comic I appreciate you taking your time and giving it a shot! I know it'd direction is mysterious. Let's clarify, then!

I started this comic late 2017 and finished it around February's end. I wanted to hold off starting the second issue until I got some reception. Though I haven't done all I can yet with promotion, I've got some good words and I'd like to continue on with the story. The story is my main passion on this, so the more support I get the more likely I'll continue on. Issue 2 is a work on progress. I'll shoot for a steady, but slow pace in posting it and hope to do it soon! Let me know what kind of story telling you like!:)